6 Steps How To Turn Your App Idea Into a Winning Product

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6 Steps How To Turn Your App Idea Into a Winning Product

Got an Idea for an App? You’re struggling if it could be a great idea or not? Do you need a developer ? Maybe you don’t have the budget for Marketing?

There are a lot of questions beyond the idea to create an App. Until you make money all you have is still an idea.

AppActuator gives you the solution for this situation. AppActuator is an online and mobile platform where users hold competitions that result in the building, marketing, sales, and funding for their app idea.

With 6 simple steps they can help you to make all this process so simple & comfortable.

  1. Idea – You have an Idea about an app and you want to develop it in IOS or Android App or you just want an Web App.
  2. Design Competition – Some of the best designs from all around, submit their designs and your idea turns into a Prototype building competition.
  3. Bid & Build – You can pick the best prototype. Once a prototype is completed, you can present it to app development companies through
  4. Coding – Another great thing is. If you have well thought of and well designed prototype it is very easy for developers to measure the extent of work that will go into the app building process and so it becomes very easy for you to get more precise quote on cost and time from the developers who will build the app. All the process is monitored from
  5. Marketing & Sales – Marketing and Sales companies will give you quotes about how much it will cost to the marketplace and in some cases to sell u app. In some cases yo don’t have the budget to finance it so let’s go to another step.
  6. Investors – The final step is provided by AppActuator They will help you to find funds, by introducing your idea to their network of investors.

AppActuator has simplified the process from the app idea into reality. If you think you have a great idea give it a try at

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