Build a Better Business by Understanding People

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Build a Better Business by Understanding People 

Do you need to know who’s visiting your website, and what they do when they get there?

Tracking systems are a new breed of technology, designed to make website statistics easily accessible. The goal is to effortlessly generate traffic reports.

A good tracker will show you, to the click, exactly what happens on your site.

Web site traffic tracking and monitoring is very vital to your success. There is no better way to determine who much web traffic you’re getting than to track it. offers the “winning combination” through split testing, conversion tracking, targeting ads, swapping out offers or pricing, trying new traffic sources, tracking, analyzing, retargeting.

If you are buying any media packages or simple if you are doing PPC business, you need to have click tracking software membership in your arsenal. If you are not doing that you are missing so much potential on the table how to improve your campaigns and actually improve your ROI.

By tracking unique visitors over long periods of time, you will be able to derive important return-on-investment (ROI) information. is a tool that allows you to have more effective online marketing campaigns.  By allowing you to understand which of your published links are more effective and which sources are providing the most value.

You can:

  • Track Links
  • Short URL
  • Track Conversions
  • Make an Intelligent Split Test
  • Send traffic with Geo-Targeting
  • IP Rotation
  • IP Redirection
  • Make Social Media Marketing
  • Detect Mobile Browser
  • Get Real Time Statistics
  • Make a custom Reporting
  • Track Affiliate Pixel
  • Custom wordpress Plugin ecc.

On the internet there are many analytics tools to measure the performance of your web site, for example the popular Google Analytics. Some of these tools are truly extraordinary to measure what is happening on your website, but only a very few of them allow you to measure what is happening outside of your website.

With you can measure advertising in pay-per-click or banner campaigns, messages on blogs, forums or social media, and even promotional emails that you send.

The greatest part is that you can start using it FREE for 14 Days.

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