What Can an Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney Do For You?

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What Can an Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney Do For You?

Being accused of a crime can be devastating. In addition to the embarrassment of being accused or arrested, defendants face a wrenching uncertainty about their futures and their families’ well-being.

When facing this legal situation and you are located in Alabama, you should know where to ask for help. The first thing you should do is to get in contact with Eversole Law Firm.

They will give you many advice’s on how to act or respond. They will carefully listen to your side of the story and for you knowing that someone truly has your back. It can be a great feeling when it seems like everyone else is against you. Many times even family members or friends do not listen but go over to make snap judgments about a person’s perceived guilt.

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Your Eversole Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorney represented by Steven Eversole will clearly explain your rights. When you’re under investigation, or you’re facing criminal charges, it can feel like you’re sinking under a sea of legalese and police jargon. This is why it is so important to get a criminal defense attorney on your side as possible.


They will also Negotiate a Plea Deal on Your Behalf According to many estimates, around 90 percent of all criminal case end with a plea bargain.

Another thing your Criminal Defense Attorney can do for you, is to Challenge the Evidence Against You. Just because the prosecutor has evidence against you does not mean your case is a slam dunk. In a criminal case, the prosecution must prove you are guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Also they can represent You at Trial. Any kind of legal trial can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Whether you are challenging a contract or defending your freedom in a criminal case.

Below you will find the exact contact info where to find your Criminal Defense Attorney. Keep them with you always.

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Call (205) 981-2450 to discuss your case with a Birmingham criminal defense lawyer. We offer free consultations. You can contact them by phone, email, or through our convenient online contact form.

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