Cosmos Outdoor Entertainment Produced a Super TV that Will Blow You Away

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Cosmos Outdoor Entertainment Produced a Super TV that Will Blow You Away

You would agree with me that there is no greater feeling that compares to the one you get when you watch happenings in your town or probably around the world on a TV and it feels like you are where the happenings are taking place. Now this feeling could change positions to being the greatest, when you get a super TV that can be used outdoors without having to worry whether or not it’s raining or too sunny.

Surprised? I was too, but not anymore. Cosmos Outdoor Entertainment is the fabulous company that has proved to the world how super durable a TV can be, whether it’s raining cats and dogs or the sun is hot enough to get cakes baked.

For many outdoor TV manufacturers, the money they get from the sales of their TV comes first, but for Cosmos, customers’ safety come first. The Cosmos TV is equipped with waterproof plugs, thereby giving you the ability to install it near pools and ever hot tubs.

And it doesn’t ends there; apart from its ability to withstand how hot or cold the weather gets, Cosmos also packs a powerful 4k ultra HD picture quality  that makes you feel images come to life, thereby giving you 100% picture quality no matter where you place it.

Furthermore, Cosmos TV won’t get you arrested by sounding so loud in a disturbing way that will make your neighbor call the cops on you – if you are wondering how it will then be suitable for you; Cosmos TV has been equipped with audio steamers that will give you a spectacular and clear sound without having to increase the volume of whatever it is you are viewing. See? It isn’t a mistake to sayc1 Cosmos TV is a “Super TV”.

Here comes the most interesting part… Cosmos isn’t just another TV you see every day, it is a smart TV (yes, you read that correctly). Cosmos also runs on the Android OS 4.2, which give you the access to you to connect your Android smartphone easily, by using WI-FI network to see all your installed applications and also browse through the content of your smartphone on a larger screen.

Another thing that will make you scream “wow!” is the ability of Cosmos to work as an Android TV, with which you can watch your favorite football match, movies, news, documentaries and practically everything.

How long can this TV stay outdoors?

Cosmos can stay outdoors for as long as you want, all thanks to the weather cap it features. Cosmos is the only outdoor TV with a weather cap that prevents it from being affected by rain, snow and direct sunlight. This weather cap also features a protective blade that ensures that no animal climbs on your outdoor TV, especially birds and raccoons.

What about my TV’s security?

Yes, you might be wondering “will my TV not get stolen, if I placed it in an open space with less people around?” Do not worry – Cosmos outdoor TV has been built to support the Kensington type locks, which goes a long way protecting your outdoor TV from pick-and-run thefts and so many things that could cause it harm when you are away.

I definitely would love to buy one, tell me how

Getting a personal Cosmos TV is as easy as A B C. You can simply order for one or two, depends on you (For me, I want as many as possible), just by visiting the official Cosmos website and placing an order.

Buying a Cosmos outdoor TV is one of the best choices you’ve ever made.

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