JHB Pets Unleashed the First Online Pet Protector Business in Johannesburg

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JHB Pets Unleashed the First Online Pet Protector Business in Johannesburg


JHB Pets Unleashed is hoped to deliver as the new highly anticipated, return generating, based online business shelter or animal community support platform; founded with the aim of filling not one, but many of the existing local animal welfare institutional voids by providing a legitimate lasting solution towards pet/animal related problems in the country.

JHB Pets Unleashed

Do not make the mistake of classifying this organization as just another typical NGO, as it is not, they do not rely on government grants and or donation based public support.

JHB Pets Unleashed is actually a competitively designed sustainable business for the purposes of generating a substantial profit.

This business has been created because the founders and key management team believe that the days of the familiar un-competitive non-profit organizations we are all accustomed to (relying on hand outs and cold calling for donations to survive, without generating any real profit to run/maintain themselves and/or not really delivering much individualized value for customers/users/benefactors in their personal capacity as consumers) has long since run its course. Although the owners note the massive importance of such conventional NGO based shelters (whom they actually aim to assist in growing over time) they have confidence in the strength and longevity presented through a supporting organization that emphasizes innovation, competitiveness and an overall return on investment for stakeholders – with the aim of creating something that impacts the environment and literally takes care of itself!

JHB Pets Unleashed has designed a number of revenue driving mechanisms that are incorporated within its business model. Such drivers include, but are far from limited to, a crowdfunding system/animal fundraising profit generating commissions strategy, general advertising opportunities,online pet shop sales and even a corporate good cards sales opportunity that will create sustainable funds to subsidies/support non-revenue driving divisions of the business – ultimately leading towards a surplus!

Know the Founder Matthew Cigler

Matthew is a business developer and enthusiast. He is involved in a number of businesses – most of which have been or get sold somewhere along the line. He is also one of the director’s of the community based charity “The T.A.C Initiative”.

I love working with passionate people and sharing what I’ve learned with them. Business, social development and wildlife conservation are a big part of my existence.

JHB Pets Unleashed

What you can find at JHB Pets Unleashed

Below you can view a list of some of the services they offer: 

– Shelter Adoptions
– Lost & Found Animals
– Fostering Options
– Pet Shop (no live animals – duh!)
– Crowdfunding Shelter Fundraising
– Volunteering Opportunities
– Animal Food Banks
– Pet Services
– Report Suspicious Activities/Animal Cruelty Watch Dogs

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The profits will not go only towards the usual stakeholders but towards growing other non-revenue services – mainly aimed towards value creation for struggling animal shelters and animal lovers. These strategies are very crucial in realizing the business’s desired impact on the community and ultimately changing the landscape of animal welfare as we know it.

Other non revenue driving divisions to be facilitated are concerned with assisting animal shelters with finding homes for their animals, allowing the public to reach the correct audience when addressing lost and found animals in their areas, finding foster opportunities or homes, publicizing awareness on current animal cruelty practices taking places, acquiring or publishing much needed information to educate and acquire volunteers – and that is just phase 1!

Congrats to JHB Pets Unleashed… we will be keeping an eye on you going forward.


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